Pocket Pool

I lean over the table lining up a shot. You step up behind me and put your hands on mine, adjusting my aim. Your hips are snug to mine. I can feel your erection growing, your breath on my neck. Your scent draws the monster to the surface. I take the shot, grinding my hips against you. I can feel the ache building. It throbs everywhere we touch.
You whisper my name as you pull me back against you. I drop the cue on the table when your hands cup my breasts, hard nipples pushing into your palms. You sink your teeth into my neck. I gasp for air, the monster roaring with joy. I bury my fingers in your hair, my free hand reaching between us to stroke you. I turn my head, needing your lips on mine, your tongue sliding along mine. My hands go to your hips, pulling you tight against me. Your hands roam lower, your fingers curling into me.
The need to touch makes me weak, drawing all my energy between my legs. I pull away from you enough to reach for your zipper, pushing denim out of the way. You’re hard, hot, smooth as velvet. I feel you shiver when I wrap my fingers around you. Your fingers bunch up in my dress, pulling it up my thighs. You moan into my mouth when you find I’m not wearing panties.
Our lips part and you push me forward onto the table. I arch my back, sighing as you push my skirt up over my hips. Your fingers dance up the back of my thighs, teasing me to open up for you. I moan when your fingers find my clit, hard and aching. The first orgasm hits hard and fast, the monster screaming with me. Your fingers keep working magic as you tease me with the head of your cock. Just an inch or two then you back up and start over. I can’t help thrusting back at you, wanting all of you.
You twist your fingers in my hair and pull. My gasp turns into a moan as you drive all the way in, pinning me to the table. You ride slow at first, pausing to smack my ass. I cry out with each touch, the pain as sweet as the stroke. I push back against you, wanting speed. You oblige, releasing my hair to hold my hips. I brace myself against the table as you stroke faster, the next orgasm building fast. I start shaking as you slam into me, your name rips from my throat. I hear you groan my name as you start coming, your nails digging into my ass. You push hard for one more scream. We collapse against the table, panting, both of our monsters sated.


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