Wake me before you go…

I’m dreaming again.  The same dream I’ve had for a week.  You keep coming to me in my dreams but your reality is so far away.  I feel almost awake, aware of every touch, every scent, every sound.

I feel the covers slide over me as you move, pulling my hands over my head.  The ropes are already hanging from the headboard.  Once again you bind my hands, not enough for injury but securely restrained.

I can’t see anything… That’s new to the dream.  You’ve blindfolded me.  I’m not really panicked.  This is just a dream, right?  My breathing quickens anyway.  You whisper in my ear, calming my fears but exciting me at the same time.

I feel you move above me, straddling my hips.  You get harder with each touch.  Your hands tease, tracing every curve, molding the sheet to my skin.

The dream is almost over.  I know what’s next but I’m not ready for you to leave.  Just one more kiss before the alarm chases you away.  I try to move, will you to come close again.

You lean closer.  I feel your breath on my face.  I always whisper to you in the dream.  “Stay, or wake me before you go.”

The crowing rooster alarm rips through the morning.  I struggle to open my eyes so I can kill the bird.  All I see is black.  I try to move but my hands are bound above my head.

Your laugh is like a low growl sending shivers across my skin.

“You said for me to wake you…”


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