Work it, work it…

I circle the bed slowly, watching you watch me.  I stop at the corner closest to the door.  Just stand there, letting you wonder what’s under my trench coat.

You try to pull your hands free but I was a good girl scout.  My knots are as tight as everything else.

I untie the belt of my coat… undo the few buttons… lick my lips…

The lacy edge of black thigh high stockings draw your gaze as I slowly pull open the trench coat.  You’re at attention by the time your eyes are trying to undo the snaps of my lace bra.

“Take a good look… It’s all you get tonight.”

You try to protest but the ball gag is strapped on tight as well. I step close enough to trail my hand down your body, just a little tease.  Muscles jump in response.

“Like I said, you have to trust me.”

I feel your gaze on me as I walk away…





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