Lunch Break

I’m at work when I hear your ringtone. You know I can’t play now. What are you up to? I have to wait until my break to check your message.

Oh, Goddess. You are a bad, bad man. My mouth goes dry as I listen. Every breathy word tells me what you want to do to me and what you’re doing at the thought of it. If only my break were long enough to call you back…


Yes or No

Is it yes or no? Will you or won’t you?

I have a friend (a guy, go figure) who says the answer to any problem is more sex.  On the surface of the comment I tend to agree.  Probably one of several reasons some of my friends say I should have been born a guy.  But is sex really the answer?

Not if it gets taken for granted.  Sex has a lot of emotions attached to it, even for men.  They would eat their gym shoes before admitting it, even to themselves.  Pheromones aside, physical contact is a very powerful thing.  And all the associated feelings are just as powerful.

Can you have sex with someone you’re not in love with? Yes.  Can you be in love with someone and never have sex? Yes.  Can you get so comfortable with a casual relationship that you just assume the other person will always be there when it’s convenient?  Yes.  Are any of these things healthy mile markers on the road to a happy relationship? No.

Who are you with? Why are you with them?  Is it a healthy relationship?  It’s very important to know the answers to these questions.  Sometimes it’s not as clear-cut as Yes or No…..

Digital Daydream

My phone rings as I’m driving home.  A text from you.  Illegal to look but I open it anyway.  A picture message…  Oh my… You are obviously thinking about last night.  I change lanes and look again.  My tongue aches to taste you.  I’m tempted to lick the phone.  It doesn’t help that my scarf still carries your scent from our goodbye kiss.  I rub the scarf against my cheek, remembering the feel of your chest as you sighed my name.
You made me scream.
Tonight it’s your turn.
I take a pic of the toys in the seat next to me…   Send….