Lunch Break

I’m at work when I hear your ringtone. You know I can’t play now. What are you up to? I have to wait until my break to check your message.

Oh, Goddess. You are a bad, bad man. My mouth goes dry as I listen. Every breathy word tells me what you want to do to me and what you’re doing at the thought of it. If only my break were long enough to call you back…


Welcome to the Party

I shiver when you lean close and whisper in my ear.

“How much longer are we staying?”

I turn more toward you and discreetly brush my hand over your zipper. Your cock jumps. I smile sweetly and walk away.

“Not much longer.”

Call me…

I dial the number.

Your voice rumbles in my ear.

The same conversation we text every day.

I’ve missed your voice. Almost as much as your touch.

My hand settles where I need you. The more you talk the faster I rub. I can’t help moaning in your ear.

You know what I’m doing. It’s why you wanted me to call. You want to hear me.

I’ll be louder when you touch me…