Lunch Break

I’m at work when I hear your ringtone. You know I can’t play now. What are you up to? I have to wait until my break to check your message.

Oh, Goddess. You are a bad, bad man. My mouth goes dry as I listen. Every breathy word tells me what you want to do to me and what you’re doing at the thought of it. If only my break were long enough to call you back…


On the hunt

How will I know you’re the one?

Are you across town? Have I seen you before?

Do I go out looking for you or wait for you to find me?

Will you set sparks flying between us with the simplest of touches?

Will you surprise me, taking my breath away with a single kiss?

Will we know when we meet that there will be no others?

Will we take our time, slowly building a wall to close out the world around us?

I know you’re out there but I haven’t found you yet…


Soon, very soon, a first hello, a first touch, a first kiss…

Will we linger over the first hello or be too anxious for contact?  What will your skin feel like under my lips?  How will you taste?  Will your kisses leave me weak?  Will my touch make you tremble?  Will your scent linger on my clothes to remind me of you after we part?  What will we discovery when we’re finally in front of each other instead of so far apart……?


I’ve been waiting for you…

It’s been too long.  Your scent overwhelms me, quickly followed by your hands trying to touch me everywhere at once.  Your kisses set me on fire.  Clothes won’t come off fast enough.  We try to make it across the room but I stop and pull you to the floor.  I free you from your jeans at the same time you realize I’m naked under my dress.  We both sigh as you sink into me.  I’ve been waiting for you…

Just relax…

You lean closer, catching my lips with your kiss.  Our tongues mimic the motion of our hips.  Water spills over the sides of the hot tub as you slide back into me.  I’m trying to hold us both steady while your hands roam over me, teasing, adding to the heat.  More bubbles splash to the deck with each thrust.   You reach for my hands, pulling them above my head, and push as deep as you can go…



Where are you…

You’ve gotten quiet.  I miss our late-night conversations.  Hearing your voice.  Watching you smile.  But I know how to get your attention.

I’ll leave you a message.  Here, where I know you’ll see it.  I’ll tell you how I want you to kiss me, where I want you to touch me.  I’ll tell you how I ache for the feel of your skin, how I want you here with me right now.

I wonder where you’re off to.  I know, you won’t tell me.  You like to keep me guessing…


You’ve been gone so long

Too long without the sound of your voice, the touch of your skin, the taste of your lips

I need a distraction to keep the ache at bay

Something to keep me from replaying your last message just to have you in my ear

I’ve sat on my hands more than once, wishing you were close enough to touch

To run my fingers through your hair, pull you close enough to catch your lips with mine

I need to feel your breath on my skin, your body heat, the weight of you above me

I need to feed this addiction

Come back soon…