Lunch Break

I’m at work when I hear your ringtone. You know I can’t play now. What are you up to? I have to wait until my break to check your message.

Oh, Goddess. You are a bad, bad man. My mouth goes dry as I listen. Every breathy word tells me what you want to do to me and what you’re doing at the thought of it. If only my break were long enough to call you back…


Pardon me…

“…I think I dropped something.”

I push against your hip so you turn toward me, leaning back against the counter.  My lips find the spot on your chest right in front of me and work their way down.  You’re hard by the time I wrap my hands around you…

Road Trip

We’ve talked about meeting for weeks.   The last few hours you’ve blown up my phone with all the things you want to do with me.  My replies have been just as steamy.  My phone chimes and I open your latest message.  A picture of what you’re doing, where you want my mouth, my hands…

The caption says “Call me.”  I dial your number.  You’re breathless when you answer.

“I need you now…”

“I can see that.”

I hear you groan as I purr in your ear.

“What would we do when I get there? Will you be shy? Or will you be hard and ready?”

You groan again.

“Do you want me to kiss you first or just start stroking your-”

I hear you start cussing about the door.  Your voice gets louder.  I’m still holding the phone to my ear when you pull the door open.

“Why don’t you let me finish that for you?”

Remote Access

The package you sent arrived today.  I read your instructions and still have doubts this will work.  While your program installs I slip out of my robe and put on the bits of black lace that fell from the box.  There are no wires to be seen but the fabric feels… charged.

My monitor flashes as the game opens.  I feel a faint humming along my skin as I sit down.  You’ve already signed in and your avatar finds mine.  We start to play.

You lead me to a secluded spot and turn to face me.  The avatar raises his hand.  I gasp as the lace comes alive.  My nipples harden and shivers chase across my chest every time your hands move in my direction.

Every magic spell you cast sends current through me like your caress.  I can’t help squirming in my chair.  A new character walks into our game.  I almost resent the intrusion until your avatar draws his sword.

I hope the intruder dies slowly…

Digital Daydream

My phone rings as I’m driving home.  A text from you.  Illegal to look but I open it anyway.  A picture message…  Oh my… You are obviously thinking about last night.  I change lanes and look again.  My tongue aches to taste you.  I’m tempted to lick the phone.  It doesn’t help that my scarf still carries your scent from our goodbye kiss.  I rub the scarf against my cheek, remembering the feel of your chest as you sighed my name.
You made me scream.
Tonight it’s your turn.
I take a pic of the toys in the seat next to me…   Send….